Squash Chiffon F1

Chiffon F1

Chiffon F1 is one of our most unique zucchini varieties. The vareity has a compact upright bush with vigorous growth. Chiffon produces a delicate cylindrical fruit with a light creamy yellow color. The fruits are delicate but the surprise is in the soft texture and delicious bitter free fruit. The fruit flavor may be the single best flavor in our zucchini line. The plant is an exceptional yielder with a long picking season.

Squash HT 8059 F1

HT 8059 F1

HT 8059 F1 is an exceptional dark colored squash. The vareity has a strong upright compact bush habit. The plant is robust with vigorous growth and provides excellent coverage for the zuchinni fruits. HT 8059 F1 produces high yields of fruits through its longe harvesting season.

Squash HT 8060 F1

HT 8060 F1

HT 8060 F1 is an early season anita type variety. The plant produces high quality bulbous shaped fruit with a medium green color and light green flecks. This vareity produces great fruit with high yields and good tolernance to ensure commercial harvest.

Darlyn F1

Darlyn F1

Darlyn F1 is one our most accomplished lines. This vareity has been in production for fifteen years and continues to provide strong result for the farmers. The vareity produces medium green bulbous fruits with light flecks. The yields are exceptional and seemingly endless. The high yields and high quality fruits make it a great choice for any farming operation

Tomato HT 1102 F1

HT 1102 F1

HT 1102 F1 is a main season fresh market vareity. This vareity has an exceptionally strong plant that provides heavy yields of tomatoes. The fruits are deep red in color and have weight that range between 220 to 280 grams. The fruits have the ability to exceed 300 grams with good cultivation practice. This an excellent vareity and is suitable to multiple climates.

Tomato HT 1110 F1

HT 1110 F1

HT 1110 F1 is a main season variety. This vareity is determinate in nature with good plant growth. The plant support heavy loads of deep red fruits. The fruits have excellent firmness and produces fruits with weight that range from 280 to 350 grams. The vareity has shown to perfom very well in hot conditions and contains many tolerances that helps extend the growing season.