Tomato HT 1109 F1

HT 1109 F1

HT 1109 F1 is an extrodinary vareity that provides both quailty yields with quality fruits. The vareity produces extra large tomato that can reach size up to 280 grams. The fruits are very firm and add to it's ability to hold for long periods of time during transport or provide additional days at the market for sales. The plant has a strong growth habit and an excellent tolerance package to extend its growing season. Overal the vareity has excellent yields and high quality fruits that should be suitable for many growing conditions.

Tomato Jako F1

Jako F1

Jako F1 is a very adaptable vareity. The variety has shown to perform well dry hot conditions but has also shown the ability to yields excellent results in hot humid conditions. The plant is exceptionally vigorous and could be considered semi-determinate in nature. The fruits are elongated in shape and plentiful in yield. The fruits has and average weight between 150 to 170 grams with a deep red exterior and excellent deep red interior. The vareity produces some of the highest quality tomato in all condition with heavy yields.

Tomato HT 1107 F1

HT 1107 F1

HT 1107 F1 is an early main season variety. The plant has a strong growth habit that yields firm deep red 150 to 180 gram tomato. It produces heavy yeilds of of highly marketable tomatoes that are one week earlier than HT 1109 F1.

Tomato HT 1108 F1

HT 1108 F1

HT 1108 F1 is main season variety with a pacakge of high tolerance to many diseases. It produces fruits that average between 150 to 180 grams and in optimal conditions the fruits can exceed these sizes. The plant has strong growth and has a good ability to set heavy loads of fruits in hot conditions. The fruits are bright red in color with great firmess, which help aide in their shelf life.

Tomato HT 1102 F1

HT 1102 F1

HT 1102 F1 is a main season fresh market vareity. This vareity has an exceptionally strong plant that provides heavy yields of tomatoes. The fruits are deep red in color and have weight that range between 220 to 280 grams. The fruits have the ability to exceed 300 grams with good cultivation practice. This an excellent vareity and is suitable to multiple climates.

Tomato HT 1110 F1

HT 1110 F1

HT 1110 F1 is a main season variety. This vareity is determinate in nature with good plant growth. The plant support heavy loads of deep red fruits. The fruits have excellent firmness and produces fruits with weight that range from 280 to 350 grams. The vareity has shown to perfom very well in hot conditions and contains many tolerances that helps extend the growing season.